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Our Board of Directors serve to define and expand the vision, mission and action plans of RLM by overseeing the operations of the ministries. The RLM board of directors provide spiritual and wise counsel for Dr. Lee to fulfill RLM's overall missions. They are responsible for making decisions on policies, operational matters, raising funds and other issues of River of Life Ministries. 

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Dr. James Lee, President/Chairman

Dr. James Lee is the Founder and President of River of Life Ministries. He earned his Doctor of Ministry degree in 1997 from Regent University in Virginia Beach, VA. He also served the U.S. Air Force for 9 1/2 years as an officer.  He has traveled to more than 100 countries spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In 2001 Dr. Lee established River of Life Ministries. Since 1992 he has established over 150 Mission Training Centers to equip national leaders and RMTC graduates have planted over 800 indigenous churches in the world!

Margarita Lee, Director/Chief Financial Officer

Margarita Lee has been working as an office manager and Chief Financial Officer of RLM since 2001. She also speaks fluent Spanish and has been Dr. Lee's interpreter while traveling in Central and South American countries. She is also in charge of RLM's Spanish ministries.

Pastor Bob Fox, RLM Board Member

Pastor Bob Fox has been a faithful partner, advisor and supporter of River of Life Ministries. He is a pastor of GO Church in Virginia Beach. He and his wife Beth have four children. During the Vietnam War, Pastor Bob Fox flew an F-4 Phantom Reconnaissance jet for the United States Marine Corps. He who faithfully served in the United States military dedicates his life to further the Kingdom of Heaven.

Pastor David Limmer, RLM Board Member

Dave Limmer lives in Casper, Wyoming and has worked in fulltime ministry for over 30 years as a pastor and church planter. He now travels extensively and conducts prayer and restoration seminars with church leaders as well as serving on the eldership team at Restoration Church in Casper. Pastor Limmer has been a faithful board member of River of Life Ministries since 2005.

Rev. Dr. James W. Brown, RLM Board Member

In 1986 James Brown moved from Charlotte, N.C. to attend Regent University in Virginia Beach. Since Graduating in 1990, he has served as Pastor of Christ Covenant Fellowship and Assistant Pastor of Coastlands Community Church. In 1997 he joined the staff of Church of the Messiah and served as the Executive Pastor until his retirement in 2018. He has been a Regent Univ. classmate with Dr. Lee since 1987 and is a Board member of RLM. He has been a very valuable advisor for Dr. Lee for over 30 years. He has been married for over 50 years and has three children and nine grandchildren.

Mrs. Darlene Zook, RLM Board Member

Mrs. Zook and her husband Tim have their own chiropractic business.  Not only is she a business owner but also the office manager and Vice President of Zooks Chiropractic, P.A. Darlene has previously worked as a legal assistant to a well-known lawyer in Miami, FL. She is a well-respected woman throughout her community and continues to put God's kingdom plans first in all aspects of her life.  We are honored to have her as one of our River of Life Ministries board members.

Pastor Jeffery Crawford, RLM Board Member

Pastor Crawford and his wife Jessica are Senior Leaders as well as Aposotlic Elders of All Peoples Church in Lynchburg, Virginia. All Peoples Church was founded in 2007 by Pastor Bud & Pauline Crawford. In 2015 as Pastor Bud retired as the senior pastor, his son, Pastor Jeff Crawford was chosen by the Lord to carry on the legacy of his father. He has been a faithful partner, advisor and supporter of RLM as a board member.