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  Since 1992, Dr. James Lee has been establishing Mission Training Centers to equip, train, and mobilizing national Christian leaders throughout the world. In September of 1992, Dr. Lee planted two centers in Pleven and Plovdiv, Bulgaria. There have been more than 35 training centers in Bulgaria in the past. These centers graduated over 2,000 disciples, and in turn, the graduates have planted over 130 indigenous churches throughout Bulgaria. Since 1994, he expanded the mission training center ministry into 11 other countries. By the end of October 2001, there were over 150 of these centers spread throughout 12 different countries.


  In November of 2001, Dr. James Lee established the River of Life Ministries (RLM) and began planting River Mission Training Centers (RMTCs) to equip indigenous leaders in the world. He has planted 27 RMTCs in 7 different countries in the world. Under Dr. Lee’s ministry for 33 years, the total of 177 Mission Training Centers have been established and the graduates planted over 800 indigenous churches. Since 2014, Dr. Lee has been engaged in equipping indigenous Missions Mobilizers in the world and turned RMTC operations over to indigenous RMTC pastors to carry on. As the Founder of Missions Training Centers, Dr. Lee continuously travels to some of these countries and conducts RLM Leadership Conferences, revival meetings, GHN Seminars and provides spiritual support. Under the Global Harvest Network (GHN) Missions Mobilization program, indigenous GHN Missions Mobilizers (MMs) will be engaged in planting new RMTCs to equip indigenous apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors, teachers, and missionaries among evangelized people groups in the 10/40 Window countries.


  The RMTC is a one-year intensive discipleship-training program. The course materials have been translated into nine different languages. RMTC is not a Bible School but a discipleship training center to mobilize indigenous Christian leaders within the means of their own countries to expand the kingdom of God. RMTC can have up to 24 students and six teachers to cover six volumes of the materials. RLM brings RMTCs into remote regions of each country to equip national leaders under the leadership of local pastors to create spiritual sons and daughters. Upon graduation, selected leaders will go into their own Unreached People Groups to plant indigenous churches. Once a church grows to be over 50 members, a new RMTC will be established to equip new leaders to expand the Kingdom of God by planting new indigenous churches.


  RMTC classes meet at any available locations provided by national churches such as homes, apartments, church buildings, or existing office spaces to equip living temples of the Holy Spirit. Again, once a new indigenous church is planted in a remote region of an unreached village, then selected RMTC graduates and GHN Missions Mobilizers will be sent to establish a new RMTC to equip and mobilize new leaders to expand God’s kingdom by planting a new indigenous church.

  If your indigenous church is interested in starting the RMTC, then you can contact us inquiring more about how to establish the RMTC to equip your own leaders. 

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