Dr. Lee has completed his third book, "It Is Written: Spiritual Warfare Focusing on God and His Mighty Power" There are many spiritual warfare books that are focusing on the power of darkness and not on the mighty power of the Almighty Living God. This book is written to guide intercessors in the world to focus on God's mighty power to defeat Satan and his hosts of demonic powers according to the examples in the Scriptures of the Bible. This book will lead you to magnify the Lord in the midst of your spiritual warfare knowing that the battle belongs to the Lord!


When we engage in all sorts of spiritual battles in life, we must focus on becoming strong in the Lord and in the power of His might (Ephesians 6:10). We must not focus on Satan and his evil hosts of darkness. In this book, we will examine the Scriptures to see how the heroes of the Bible conducted spiritual warfare so we can learn from their examples how to apply their principles to our own spiritual battles.

It Is Written: Spiritual Warfare Focusing on God and His Mighty Power



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